How to Make Your Job Listing More Appealing


If you’re looking for ways to make your application stand out among others, then read on for some quick tips on how to make your posting appealing to college students.

1. Make sure your job posting is clear. Put a detailed description of what the job will entail, including hours, location, and pay rate. Always make sure that spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct. Make sure your contact information is clearly listed, especially if you are listing your job on a job board or a third-party recruitment website. List the types of application materials you require for the job, especially if the student has to apply from an outside website.

2. Be Flexible. College students are very busy. Juggling classes, a social life, and a job is not an easy task, especially if a student has a very high course load. While not all jobs have the luxury of being flexible in their scheduling, the more you make a student feel like their scheduling requests are going to be heard, the more likely you are to get a response.

3. Focus on time frame. When you are posting a job, make sure to specify when the job starts. If you’re looking for someone to start within a couple of days, this might be harder for a college student already with previous commitments. If you state right off that it’s a position that needs to be filled quickly, you’ll have students respond who are able to fit that into their schedule

4. Respond to all applicants (if possible). If you’re absolutely swamped with responses, it might not always be possible to respond to every email or phone call that you receive. However, if you get a few responses and decided on a final candidate, follow up with the other applicants to let them know the position has been filled, so they can continue their job search elsewhere as soon as possible.

5. Be specific in what you’re looking for. Are you looking for someone with experience? Are you looking for a certain age/college year? If a job requires training, will it be provided, or do they need to go elsewhere first? If all of this information is included in your job description, it will ensure that you aren’t receiving applications from unqualified candidates, and it will make it easier for candidates who are qualified to find and apply.