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 Affiliate Program 10/20/2020


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   Our Guarantee
We guarantee our service 100%!  If you are not satisfied with our site in any way, simply let us know and we'll take care of the rest!


Right now thousands of current college students are actively looking for part-time and seasonal employment - jobs employers want to fill fast and without hassles.


Right here is where they're looking:  We partner directly with major colleges and universities, giving employers direct access to the students they want to hire.


15% Commissions and 5% of your 1st Level!!

Not only do you earn 15% commission on every job posting fee, you also earn an addition 5% of your 1st downline!


About has been in business since 2001, helping colleges manage their off-campus job postings.  We help students find part-time jobs, seasonal employment and internships.

  • We partner directly with colleges to help their students find jobs.
  • Students from over 500 schools coast-to-coast use our site.
  • Not only do we share our revenue with you, we also share revenue with our partner colleges!
  • The cost to post a job is kept low to encourage high posting rates!
  • Employers can post to unlimited schools at no additional cost.

Employer Fees

Employer Type 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
For Profit: $30 $50 $60
Not For Profit: $20 $35 $45


Popular Job Types

With over 75 job types available, students are able to find almost any type of job.  Some of the most popular job types are:

  • Childcare
  • Internships
  • Wait staff
  • Cleaning
  • Office Assistant
  • Elder Care
  • Tutoring
  • Receptionist
  • Camp Counselors
  • Security
  • Store Help
  • Sales
  • Musician
  • Computers
  • Web Design
  • Painting
  • Moving
  • Landscaping
  • Any Job a Student Would Want While in College!!

Who Will We Partner With?

We are looking for marketers whose reach potential employers of current college students.  DO YOU MARKET TO:

  • Parents
  • Senior Citizens
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • For-Profit Organizations
  • Restaurants
  • Accountants


  • Office Managers
  • Human Resources
  • Store owners/managers
  • Retail Stores
  • Telemarketing
  • Summer destinations

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How the Program Works

  1. Our affiliates drive traffic to our site using the links and web banners awe have created for them.
  2. Whenever a referred employer posts a job on, the referring affiliate earns 15% of the posting fee.
    We pay your 5% of the 1st level of your downline.
  3. We have partnered with to manage our affiliate program.  They make it extremely easy to sign-up and and start marketing our services.

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Participation is Free & Simple

  1. Create an affiliate account with us for free and receive everything you need to get started
  2. Refer potential employers to us using the links we provide for you or create your own.
  3. Anytime an employer that your refer posts a new job, you receive 15% of their posting fee.

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 Help a Student!
  When you refer employers to you help a student find a job!


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  What to do?
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  What We're Looking For
We are looking for employers who would be in the market to hire a current college student for:
  1. Part-Time Jobs
  2. Seasonal Jobs
  3. Internships
  4. Contracting
  5. Anything a student would want to do while they are still a student!

Examples of Popular Job Types are:

  1. Childcare
  2. Summer Camps
  3. Wait Staff
  4. Sales
  5. Computer Work
  6. Marketing
  7. Bank Tellers
  8. Landscaping
  9. Painting
  10. Elder care

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