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 About Us Saturday, September 26, 2020


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"... allowed us to move away from a labor-intensive paper posting process to one requiring no maintenance on our part."

Jennifer Hava, Manager of Student Employment, Babson College



What We Do specializes in Part-Time Off-Campus Job Postings, providing:

  • Students with more job opportunities in multiple locations
  • Employers with access to students from multiple institutions
  • Colleges with improved services to their entire community
How we do it is designed to maximize the benefit of the internet, creating a user interface that is simple and straight forward for students and employers.  As a virtual company we are able to keep employer posting fees very low and share our profits with those schools that utilize our service.


As always, we remain dedicated to providing this service free of charge to students and colleges.

Our Services to Colleges
We provide two methods for colleges to utilize our services.
  • Full-Service - we manage all aspects of your part-time off-campus job postings for your school including:
    1. Full support for students and employers - Simply forward all your students and part-time, seasonal employers to us and we'll manage all
    2. Management of all part-time and seasonal employment postings
    3. Management of all student profiles as they relate to part-time and seasonal jobs
    4. Migration of your current postings to - We'll work with you to
    5. Annual or Bi-Annual reports of all statistics and hiring patterns for your institution - Wouldn't you love to be able to track your schools employment patterns as they relate to off-campus jobs?  We can!  We provide you with an annual report detailing both your student and employer statistics at no cost to you.
    6. Revenue stream for your department!  Have a limited budget to work with?  No Problem - we don't charge schools for our service, in fact, we pay you!
  • Postings Service Only - this option is used for all institutions wishing to maintain their current processes but wishing to receive our job postings for their student body.  note: this option does not provide schools with a revenue source.


College Benefits
  • Free to Colleges and Students - There is absolutely no cost involved in being a member of our service for colleges and students making it easy to join.
  • Reduced workload - We manage every aspect of part-time off-campus postings so and your staff can focus on other priorities.
  • We actively seek out new relationships with employers, to build excellent job opportunities for your students and promote your institution to businesses.
  • Improved service to your students and community - Since we focus exclusively on part-time jobs, seasonal jobs and internships we are able to deliver more jobs, with a wider variety of positions in broader locations than any school can provide on their own.
  • Reduced institutional liability - Since we manage all employer postings and student information in a secure environment where personal information cannot be seen by the world we reduce your institutions liability.
  • We Pay You! - 5% of our revenue is given to our partner colleges for using our service!  Again there is no cost to your school or students for using  Why do we do this? Simple, you deserve it!  By partnering with us you help create an environment where it is easy for students and employers from around the country find quality part-time jobs and we feel it's only fair that you share in that success.
Student Benefits
  • 24 hour online access - Students no longer need to look through binders or at a bulletin board for jobs, allowing them to look for employment whenever and wherever they want through the internet.
  • Access to more jobs in multiple locations - An employer who finds us through one school is now able to make their job visible to students from as many schools as they choose at no additional cost to the employer.  Students benefit by having access to more jobs available to them than any one institution can provide on its own!  Additionally, many students don't live in the same part of the country as where they go to school.  Joining our network allows students to find jobs in and around their school as well as in different parts of the country.  Students need to work while on vacation - why not help them find the jobs they need while they are away from school?
  • 2-Way job search - Not only can students search for jobs, they can also create their own student profiles which allow employers to seek them out.  Additionally, students can create as many profiles as they choose and even make them active for different parts of the country - perfect for finding jobs while they are on break.
  • E-Notifications of new job postings - We deliver notifications of new job postings right to the students email account so they don't have to waste their time looking for jobs.
  • Up-to-date postings - All postings are managed by the employers so they are never outdated.  Students can only see those jobs that are currently available.
  • Secure online experience - All student information is kept private and is accessible only by employers who have paid to use our service.  Students have full control over what information employers get to see.
  • Searchable and sortable job listings - Only interested in one particular type of job?  No problem, we allow you to filter all of the listings to make your search easier.
  • 100% Free for students - there is never a charge for students to use our service.
Employer Benefits
  • Post at multiple schools in 1 location - Employers are able to reach thousands of students at hundreds of colleges in 1 location making it easy to find and hire a college helper.
  • Full control over posting - Employers are no longer at the mercy of out-dated binders and bulletin boards for their job postings.  They can update and remove their postings, anytime with just the click of the mouse.
  • Searchable student job profiles - Why wait for the students to contact you?  Many students create their own job profiles so employers can contact them directly, speeding up the hiring process.
  • Benchmarking information - No need to guess what the hourly rate is for the job you want to post, we provide all the data for you helping you be as competitive as possible with your posting.
  • E-Notifications of new student profiles - When a student creates a new job profile that matches your posting you will receive an automatic email from our system notifying you.
  • Secure online experience - All information is kept private so you don't have to worry about your personal information being available for the world to see.
Employer Rates
Our 2020 rates are:
Employer Type 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
For Profit: $30 $50 $60
Not For Profit: $20 $35 $45


There are no reoccurring charges, employers only pay for what they intend to use and there is no limit to the number of schools they can post at.

Need More Information?
Any college interested in learning more about our service should contact us to schedule a demonstration.  Please feel free to call us toll-free at 877.256.5474 ext. 703 or email us at Demonstrations last about an hour and are conducted online using


We also have a full introductory kit available to colleges that includes sample reports, brochures, site statistics, reference materials and contract details.  Email us for your copy!



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